Janice Giteck - Composer
Whidbey Island

Bhudda with bag

Kyle Gann of the Village Voice wrote of Om Shanti (Dedicated to People Living with AIDS) "...typical for Giteck in the way it fuses elements of Javanese, Hasidic and Buddhist musical traditions into a joyous unity...it is a postminimalism heavily informed by more different world musics, perhaps, than that of any other composer of her generation."



In chronological order
* = commission

Ricercare (Dream Upon Arrival), Saint Helens String Quartet, 2012*

Moon Whispers, Cloud Shimmies for 4 hands, piano, Jane Harty, Robert Krupnick, Music NorthWest Series, 2009*

Snow Mandala for solo piano, Jane Harty, Music NorthWest Series, 2006*

She Who Dances Through the Sky (5 songs from the life of Yeshe Tsogyel) The Esoterics, a capella chorus. Seattle performances at various churches, National Endowment for the Arts Award, 2005*

Teachings of the Tree People Katie Jennings, filmmaker, 2005* Seattle Art Museum Installation, PBS, numerous film festivals internationally, Smithsonian Institute.

In a Camel's Ear for Seattle Flute Society, 9 flutes, The Town Hall, Seattle, 2005.

Ishi (Yahi for 'man') Seattle Chamber Players, with film by Emiko Omori, 2004* Nordstrom Recital Hall, Benaroya, CityArts Award, Seattle Arts Commission. Subsequent performances in Seattle area: On the Boards, Snoqualmie Center, SAM, in Costa Rica (2007), and Beijing, China (2008), also scheduled at Other Minds Festival in San Francisco (2011).

Where can you live safely, then? In Surrender Saint Helens String Quartet, 2004* Cornish College of the Arts, UNESCO Unity Conference, Benaroya Hall, Seattle.

The Four Dignities: Buddha Art, Rene Yung, visual artist, Berkeley Art Center, Jack Straw Media Gallery, Seattle, 2004*

The Red Pines Lucy Ostrander, filmmaker, IslandWood Installation, 2003* Smithsonian Institute, PBS.

Aphrodite The Esoterics, a capella chorus in 4 parts, Planets Series, Seattle, Tacoma 2002*

From Childhood The Esoterics, a capella chorus in 6 parts, GALA Northwest Festival, 2002*

Tara's Love Will Melt The Sword Vicki Ray, solo piano, 4 pieces, PianoSpheres, Los Angeles, 2002* ArtsWest, Seattle, Banff Centre for the Arts, LucyWenger on Innova Records (2004 release), Peter Mack at Cornish 2005.

Daddy and Papa Johnny Symons, filmmaker, film score, Sundance Festival Premiere, 2002*, international film festivals in US, Europe, Asia.

One Land Many Voices Sacagawea (multi lingual school), film project, Seattle Arts Commission, 2002*

Trees and Cherokees Peggy Benkeser, percussion, Emory University, Atlanta, Meet The Composer 2002*

Navigating the Light Thomasa Eckert-soprano, Jay Clayton-jazz vocalist. Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, Arts West, Seattle, Spring 2000*.

Tikkun - Mending John Duykers-tenor and Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra*, Meany Hall, Seattle, Spring 2000, Stanford University Orchestra, 2000, Fairbanks Symphony 2002.

Yield to Total Elation film score, Ferrero Films*, Rinde Eckert, John Duykers, performance artists, (short version) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1998, (full version) festivals and cable television Spring 2001.

Rabbit in the Moon feature documentary film by Emiko Omori. Japanese-American Internment Camps in WWII.* Sundance Festival Award, 1999, Emmy Award 2000. International film festivals in Us, Europe, Asia. Public television: Japan, Germany, France.

Go Gently into That Good Dawn for 20th Anniversary of Northwest School of Arts and Science: chamber orchestra, mixed chorus, recorded audio collage of ESL students. Seattle Arts Commission, 1999*

Tlinget and Lakota sound installations (permanent), Ferrero Films* Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg, 1997.

First Puja-1997 two versions: all cathedral bells (35 performers) St. James Cathedral, New Year's Eve* Pacific Rims Percussion Quartet, May, organ, 1997.

Agrarian Chants piccolo, c flute, alto and bass flutes-one performer, Seattle Arts Commission* 1997 Paul Taub* Seattle/New York/San Francisco, Juilliard Focus Festival "Beyond the Rockies" 2003.

Puja: Songs to the Divine Mother 1995-96, classical guitar Scott Kritzer* Portland, Oregon.

Sleepless in the Shadow 1993-95, flute, oboe, saxophone, bassoon, viola, string bass, piano, percussion. Music-in-Motion* Relache Ensemble, Seattle Art Museum, April 1994.

The Screamer 1993, soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, synthesizer, percussion. Meet-the-Composer/ Readers Digest*

Modern Odysseys 1991-93, performance/media collective work, ARTp - Artists Regional Transit Project (Metro*), Seattle 1992 Public and Commercial, television, telephone Twenty live sites in King County

Modern Odysseys 1993, documentary film - ARTp (Metro*) Extensive northwest distribution: television, libraries, and schools

Odysseys 1992, film collaboration with four ARTp lead artists (Metro*) Extensive northwest distribution: television, libraries, and schools

HOME (revisited) 1992, men's chorus, Indonesian gamelan (pelog) Philandros of the Seattle Mens' Chorus and Gamelan Pacifica at:

Leningrad Spring 1991, flute(s), piano, percussion. Paul Taub* "American Originals," Fairbanks, 2002, University of California at Santa Cruz 1998, Orlando Art Museum 1996, Soundwork Northwest, New Music Across America, Seattle 1992 Relache Ensemble, Composer-to-Composer Festival, Telluride, Colorado 1991, Seattle Spring Festival 1991.

Ahimsa (non-violence) 1990, viola, cello, piano. Fidelio*

HOME 1989 men's chorus, brass, strings, 2 pianos, timpani, 5 gongs

Pictures of the Floating World 1987 Chorus and chamber orchestra-five movements, Performa '87 King County Arts Commission*

Hearts and Hands 1987, Film by Pat Ferrero, voice, flute, violin, cello, harp, piano, synthesizer, percussion. PBS*

Tapasya 1987, viola and percussion, Mimi Dye*

Om Shanti Dedicated to People Living with AIDS 1986, soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, synthesizer, percussion. Institute for Transformational Movement*

Breathing Songs from a Turning Sky - ten meditations 1984 version, flute, clarinet, bassoon, cello, piano, percussion. National Endowment for the Arts*

HOPI: Songs of the Fourth World 1983, film by Pat Ferrero*, flute and percussion.

Loo-Wit 1983, viola and orchestra, Mid-Columbia Symphony*

TREE 1981 Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony*

AH-AH (sh! listen) 1981 Javanese gamelan, strings, tympani, dancer.

When the Crones Stop Counting 1980 Seattle Flute Society*, (fifty players) Seattle University 1980

Breathing Songs from a Turning Sky - ten meditation 1980, flute, clarinet, bassoon, cello, piano, perc, National Endowment for the Arts*

Far North Beast Ghosts the Clearing 1978, Chorus, percussion, 2 string basses. Chamber Singers, University of Texas*

Peter and the Wolves 1978, solo trombone/actor, electronic tape

Callin' Home Coyote a burlesque 1978 for tenor, steel drums and string bass; text: Lewis MacAdams, California Arts Council*

Thunder, Like a White Bear Dancing performance ritual 1977 soprano, flute, piano, percussion, text: Ojibwa Indians

Eight Sandbars on the Takano River 1976, 5 women's voices, flute, bassoon, guitar, text: Gary Snyder

Matinee D’Ivresse 1976, soprano solo, text: Arthur Rimbaud

A'AGITA - Ceremonial Opera 1976, 3 singers, 1 dancer/actor, 8 instrumentalist/actors, text- Pima/Papago Indian Mythology, Ronald Giteck librettist, Port Costa Players Bicentennial Tour* - 1976:

Helixes 1974, fl, trb, vln, cel, guitar, piano, perc. Port Costa

"A Picture of Dorian Gray" music for theater/dance adaptation 1974 XOREGOS PERFORMING COMPANY*

Messalina, a mini-opera male singer, cello, piano; text: Alfred Jarry 1973

L'Ange Heurtebise, tenor or soprano, piano; text: Jean Cocteau 1971

Anew for male voice and piano, text: Louis Zukofsky 1969

Traffic Acts I and II 4-channel tape recorder, realized at Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College 1969

TRE three pieces for solo piano 1968

Geophorusa, a theater piece, two narrators, three dancers, chamber orchestra, text: Jeanetta Jones 1967

String Quartet 1967